Basic user maintenance practice
Recap of the GT user maintennce process for the markets under the reseller model.
Please read below the basic user maintenance practice for the GalileoTerminal markets, that distribute GalileoTerminal licences under the reseller model (subscription is paid throught invoice).
  • Any new licence starts with the 1-month free trial. If you know the customer will want to continue with the 1-year subscription, kindly just click Switch to paid access in the settings of the particular user (screenshot below):
GT profile - Switch to paid access
  • Please do check GT licences through your Country Admin access regularly, minimum on monthly basis.
  • You can easily check which licences will appear on the next invoice via the Users section (screenshot below). Simply use the filter called Will be on next invoice:
GT users - Will be on next invoice filter
  • When you find out that some customers should not be renewed once they expire, please go the edit of the specific user and tick Do not renew subscription (screenshot below). Kindly go ahead and do this exercise with the licences that should appear on your next invoice (previous point):
GT profile - Do not renew subscription
  • If you need to remove any licence immediately, you can do so in the Users section by clicking the red cross next the user. The remaining portion of the subscription is then transferred to your market credit. The market credit is used to cover your future invoices.
  • Another option when you can delete no longer needed licences is from the invoice itself. Once you receive an invoice, you can go to the Invoices section in GT, open it and between 1st and 10th of the month when the invoice was issued, you can delete the licences again by clicking the red cross next to them. Then you need to click the Reissue button.
  • Here’s more on what you can do as a GT Country Admin:
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