If you are allowed to see the financial data related to GalileoTerminal accounts within your market you can use Administration -> Invoices page
GalileoTerminal generates invoices at the beginning of each month. The account is charged based on the original creation date. It means that when you create an account in June for one agency and move this account to another agency in September and to another agency in December, this account will always be shown on the invoice issued for June.


There is a filter you can use to reduce the number of listed invoices. The information about your credit balance in Fund and On the way is displayed in top-right corner.
Following is the description of the columns in table with invoices.
  • Number - invoice number
  • Issued on - date of invoice issuance
  • Total price - total invoiced amount (accesses paid from fund are excluded)
  • Paid - indicates the date when we get the confirmation about received payment from the bank
  • Type of action - action buttons to display details about invoiced accounts and view the invoice
You can pay the invoice online from its view.

Detail with accounts

Click on details icon opens a table with GalileoTerminal accounts that are included in given invoice. Accounts that are funded from the credit stored in Fund are also listed. PDF export can be generated from here.
The red X sign beside the account
can be used for cancellation of the account.
When invoiced account is cancelled within 10 days from the invoice issuance date, the invoice can be reissued. Reissue button would be available below the table.
The reissue button
appears regardless of the way how you delete the account. It can be either removed from the invoice at the invoice detail page or it can be removed through Administration (Agencies, Users) section.
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